Rise and shine kids!

"Just another day of trouble i see, i know how y'all feel..talkin' bout draggin' them heavy legs up to the man, oh yeah… Now why don't ya kids take a step back and relax, call-in sick if you have to… and think about what ya missin'…What ya gonna feed your soul with?
God, but it does feel good to enjoy ya homemade breakfast special with ya favorite piece playin', spinnin' and sweetenin' up the moment".
I'ma tell ya, it'll hit your spot. Now go on and pick em'…

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BLUE GRASS HITS - 16 Greatest Original

Sometimes in this world of techno beats and zig zag computer aided vocals a person can forget what music with real heart and soul sounds like. Wow this fantastic CD will certainly remind you. This is bluegrass at it's best. 

Vinyl Disc:VG+
Insert:Plastic sleeve
Label & Pressing:1977 Gusto Records/USA

AMERICA - Holiday

This is the perfect blending of America with george Martin and the result is a very fine album that has aged well. The lush string orchestration will remind many folks form my era (the 1960's) of the Beatles. But George Martin had to have something to work with didn't he, and I don't think he would have taken on this new band in the 1970's unless he felt there was something there that was worth his efforts. Sure, everyone loved Tin Man and Lonely People, but this album has so much more. Another Try is one of the very best songs the group ever perfomed, and Glad to See You features George Martin's fine orchestration. Mad Dog, Old Man Took and Hollywood are fine songs. I'd personally rate this as a tie with their second album right behind their first. I also like Hearts and Hideaway, but this one is a little better, in my opinion.

Vinyl Disc:VG+
Insert:Picture/Lyrics sleeve
Label & Pressing:Warner/USA
Price: SOLD

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NICK DRAKE -Complete Studio Albums


"Of all the albums I ever made, the two I produced by Nick are the ones I'm most proud of. I listen to them often because he was extraordinarily good - nothing he ever did was less than striking, and he had the gift of writing melodies of incredible beauty".

    Joe Boyd, producer of Nick's first two albums

Five Leaves Left

"The first strong memory I have of Nick was at the second or third session for 'Five Leaves Left'". Richard Hewson, a well known arranger, and a fifteen piece orchestra had been brought in to arrange Nick's songs. "Nick started getting hotter and hotter under the collar. He was very young and he had struck me as a person you could push about. Some people in a recording session will do whatever you tell them. But he was getting quietly more and more aggravated, and in the end he dug his heels in and dismissed the arrangements. He said he'd get this friend at Cambridge, Robert Kirby, he thought would be much more sympathetic to what he was doing. Robert had never before done anything in his life in a recording studio. But two weeks later we booked him together with a bunch of musicians- a smaller bunch than the fist time, I remember... We were flabbergasted. He was so good"

    John Wood, sound engineer for Five Leaves Left

Bryter Layter

"It's very rare that you wouldn't want to change an album, but it's the only one I wouldn't change, or feel I could have done better"

    John Wood, sound engineer for Bryter Layter

Pink Moon

 "He arrived at midnight and we started. It was done very quickly. After we had finished I asked him what I should keep, and he said all of it, which was a complete contrast to his former stance. He came in for another evening and that was it. It took hardly any time to mix, since it was only his voice and guitar, with one overdub only. Nick was adamant about what he wanted. He wanted it to be spare and stark, and he wanted it to be spontaneously recorded."

    John Wood, sound engineer for Pink Moon

"He didn't want any more songs. He had no more material, and he thought that was part of the deal. And he was right. I wouldn't want to hear anymore before turning it over. If something is that intense, it can't really be measured in minutes".

    John Wood, on the album that clocked in at just under half an hour

For more info about Nick Drake, log on to;

Cover:NM (Gatefold)
Vinyl Disc:EX
Insert:Paper sleeve
Label & Pressing: UK SV

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Still collects outtakes and rarities along with a live set recorded on May 2, 1980, just over two weeks prior to Ian Curtis' death. In addition to the atmospheric "Glass" and the haunting funeral march "Dead Souls," the studio sides include four leftover tracks from the sessions for Unknown Pleasures, while the concert set includes performances of seminal tracks such as "Transmission," "Isolation" and "A Means to an End." Although neither as cogent nor as indispensible as the band's two studio records or the Substance compilation, Still is nonetheless a valuable chronicle of Joy Division's remarkable evolution, a growth charted by the inclusion of an early live cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray" to the only recorded version of the hypnotic "Ceremony," the ultimate Ian Curtis composition which later resurfaced as the first single from New Order. "

Double lp gatefold original -  factory records, fact 40, uk, 1981, double lp, thick grey cloth boards with white embossed lettering, thick grey inners, excellent shape, light normal edgewear, gatefold, grafica industria, printed by garrod and lofthouse with
"THE CHICKEN WON'T STOP" matrix etch!

Cover:NM (Gatefold)
Vinyl Disc:NM
Insert:Thick grey cloth jacket sleeve
Label & Pressing:1981 Factory Records/ FACT 40/UK

DAVE GRUSIN - Mountain Dance

This LP is a stroke of genius! Grusin puts together an assembly of musicians that are arguably the in the world at his particular instrument and the outcome is phenomenal! "Rag Bag" and "City Ligths" are my favorites, but there's not a disappointing track on this piece. There's nothing far fetched with musicains trying to "find themselves" which sometimes happens with jazz musicians. It's just good old fashioned, talented musicians putting together a masterpiece of melodic sounds. 
It's a must have for jazz enthusiasts! 

Cover:VG+ (Gatefold)
Vinyl Disc:VG+
Insert:Plastic sleeve
Label & Pressing:1979 JVC/Japan

Monday, February 21, 2011

THE DOORS - Morrison Hotel

The next-to-last Doors album, recorded prior to Jim Morrison's still mystery-shrouded death in a Parisian bathtub, eschewed much of the band's previous penchant for baroque musical, poetic, and philosophical pretensions (this was, after all, the back-to-roots era of the Beatles' Let It Be, the Stones' Let It Bleed, and Dylan's Nashville Skyline). Instead, the Doors circa 1970 wisely seeped themselves in a bluesy, no-frills approach that might have hinted at creative exhaustion in a lesser band. Instead, the Doors of "Roadhouse Blues" and "Peace Frog" reinvented themselves into arguably one of the greatest bar bands ever, with Morrison's well-documented demons frolicking in a welcome new ambience. "Waiting for the Sun" and "Ship of Fools" may hearken back to the band's cabalistic and Kurt Weill leanings, respectively, but framed in an edgier, more effective way.

Cover:NM (Gatefold)
Vinyl Disc:NM
Insert:Plastic sleeve
Label & Pressing:Elektra

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THE FLAMING LIPS - The Soft Bulletin -OOP

With every truly good rock band, they hit their peak in a stunning, magnificent album that leaves people breathless.

For the Flaming Lips, that album is "The Soft Bulletin," their 1999 opus -- a trippy, epic, ingeniously strange collection compiled of only good songs, with a mind-bending epic quality that never lets up. It's enchanting, soft, bittersweet and undeniably sunny in its beauty -- a real experience.

It opens with a glorious Mellotron wave, which is deliberately just a little off, at the start of "Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)." "Two scientists were racing/For the good of all mankind/Both of them side by side/So determined," Wayne Coyne croons. With, of course, offbeat echoes and electronic wavers and whispers layered over the indierock melody. It's hard to find a given album that is entirely made out of excellent, listenable songs. There's usually at least one bad (or mediocre) apple -- including on most other Lips albums. "Soft Bulletin" has none. It has a unique kaleidoscope effect, with shimmering psychedelic music and hopeful, philosophical songwriting.  

"Soft Bulletin" is probably the best album the Flaming Lips have ever made -- musically rich, lyrically uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. A modern classic. 

Condition:Brand New/Opened seal wrap
Cover:M (Gatefold, Double 180g LP)
Vinyl Disc:M
Insert:Original paper sleeve
Label & Pressing:Warner Bros/USA