Rise and shine kids!

"Just another day of trouble i see, i know how y'all feel..talkin' bout draggin' them heavy legs up to the man, oh yeah… Now why don't ya kids take a step back and relax, call-in sick if you have to… and think about what ya missin'…What ya gonna feed your soul with?
God, but it does feel good to enjoy ya homemade breakfast special with ya favorite piece playin', spinnin' and sweetenin' up the moment".
I'ma tell ya, it'll hit your spot. Now go on and pick em'…

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DAVE GRUSIN - Mountain Dance

This LP is a stroke of genius! Grusin puts together an assembly of musicians that are arguably the in the world at his particular instrument and the outcome is phenomenal! "Rag Bag" and "City Ligths" are my favorites, but there's not a disappointing track on this piece. There's nothing far fetched with musicains trying to "find themselves" which sometimes happens with jazz musicians. It's just good old fashioned, talented musicians putting together a masterpiece of melodic sounds. 
It's a must have for jazz enthusiasts! 

Cover:VG+ (Gatefold)
Vinyl Disc:VG+
Insert:Plastic sleeve
Label & Pressing:1979 JVC/Japan