Rise and shine kids!

"Just another day of trouble i see, i know how y'all feel..talkin' bout draggin' them heavy legs up to the man, oh yeah… Now why don't ya kids take a step back and relax, call-in sick if you have to… and think about what ya missin'…What ya gonna feed your soul with?
God, but it does feel good to enjoy ya homemade breakfast special with ya favorite piece playin', spinnin' and sweetenin' up the moment".
I'ma tell ya, it'll hit your spot. Now go on and pick em'…


UNWED SAILOR - The Marionette and the Music Box 
is a 2003 concept album by the instrumental rock group, Unwed Sailor. The album consists of 17 instrumental tracks, each of which coincide with a painting by graphic artist Jamie Hunt in the included booklet. The paintings and song titles tell the story of a marionette who journeys out of his cottage and discovers a music box in the woods nearby. The pages following their initial meeting go on to detail the entrance of a mysterious unicorn, the marionette's subsequent "enchantment", his "hopeless pursuit" of the unicorn, and eventually his return to the open arms of the music box. The album was released on compact disc, vinyl, and also in a hardcover book which included large versions of all the paintings in the CD and vinyl booklets, along with the compact disc attached to the back cover.

Genre:Post Rock/Concept-Music

Condition:Used/NM (Import with Booklet)

DIRTY THREE - Whatever You Love You Are
It is remarkably easy to get washed into the turbulent sea by Dirty Three's gorgeously shambolic instrumental gusts. Compressing gently strummed guitars, sweeping violin, and hints of percussion into forms that suggest everything from mournful Celtic airs to stirring Baltic melodies to the buzzing cacophony of Sonic Youth, Dirty Three are able to sound remarkably fresh and innovative, yet still raw and improvisationally energetic. At times, Dirty Three burn white hot, blazing a path of passion that leads directly to a stirring climax; other times, hardly anything happens except for a plaintive swipe at a guitar and a pensive rap on a drum. Either approach leads to a thoughtful, satisfying musical journey. While not substantially different than either Ocean Songs or Horse Stories--violinist Warren Ellis leads the tune and establishes the pace and melody, guitarist Mick Turner strums with halting subtly, and drummer Jim White adds faint percussive punctuation--there is still plenty of emotional and musical territory to discover on Whatever You Love, You Are. On "Some Summers They Drop Like Flies," a gently plucked violin gives way to a swirling, multitracked melody and a beguiling string tangle from the guitar. On "Stellar," the guitar establishes a hypnotic web of picked notes and whispering chords while the drums and fiddle improvise. At first, it hardly sounds as if a tune will emerge, but one does, slowly, mysteriously, and with all the rough, poetic eloquence that has become Dirty Three's trademark. Whatever You Love, You Are, while not a revelation in the band's career, is yet another wonderful, beguiling, and beautiful piece of music.

Genre:Post Rock/Concept-Music 

Condition:Used/NM (Import with Video CD)

Bjork - Greatest Hits
 All of Bjork's biggest hits and best-known songs, the songs that are sure to be familiar even to people who think they don't know Bjork's music, plus one track recorded for this release, 'It's In Our Hands'. Compiled by fans in a unique website vote.



Fully versed in the sumptuous vernacular of drug music, the cradle of Appalachian song, and the succinct truths of the threeminute pop ballad, Espers' full-length debut is an irresistible collection of songs essential for fans of Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Jackson C. Franck, and Bert Jansch. The mix of psychedelia, indie rock and peak Vanguard era acid folk is perfectly on target without sounding like a study in the classics. In other words, the feeling is natural not forced.

Genre:Folk Rock/Experimental/Mystic

Condition:Used/NM (Import)

JAMES IHA - Let It All Come Down
Fans of the Smashing Pumpkins who revel in the band's angst-ridden alt rock may well recoil in horror at this slice of pure, sweet melodicism from the band's lead guitarist, but Iha's solo debut is worthy enough to stand on its own merits. Musically, Iha's ability to effortlessly reel off one catchy acoustic pop number after another is reminiscent of Freedy Johnston. Lyrically, he's not nearly as adventurous or intriguing as Johnston. Yet, while some would no doubt classify his lovelorn ruminations as saccharine, they ultimately come across as honest and heartfelt--and, most importantly, they fit perfectly with the tone and spirit of the music.

Genre:Pop Rock

Condition:Used/NM (Import) OOP

KING CRIMSON - B'Boom: Official Bootleg 
(Live In Argentina 1994)
VROOOM VROOOM compilation probably gives a better look at what the "Double Trio" version of King Crimson was capable of; but this "official bootleg" is a snapshot of time. Specifically, it shows this band, a collection of overwhelmingly-skilled professionals, beginning to find its identity _as_ a band. Some of the playing is unaccustomedly sloppy for a King Crimson - which is to say, up to the higest standards set by most other bands. The repertoire is terrifying, both in the difficulty of some of the numbers and the sheer noise level of others.


Condition:Used/VG+ (Import 2 discs)

LABRADFORD - Fixed Content
Labradford: their reputation recedes them. Since their inception in Richmond, Virginia, in the early 1990s, this studious American trio has faithfully followed their muse into quieter sonic realms, dead set on paring down their hushed drone. The band's sixth album brings them crashing back to earth. Where its predecessor, 1999's E Luxo So, explored spaced-out cosmic dub soundscapes, this is the sound of Labradford returning from the outer planes and delving into windswept Americana. The opening, "Twenty," consists of 18 minutes of mournful digi-country: think of the Twin Peaks theme played while sitting in a rocking chair. The following three tracks bring Fixed::Context to a coma-inducing 37 minutes in length, at which point one is left with a nagging suspicion that nothing's actually happened. Which just indicates that Labradford are nearing a state of conceptual perfection where they're as quiet as they are magnificent.

Genre:Post Rock/Concept-Music 

Condition:Used/NM (Import)

MAJORIE FAIR - Self Help Serenade 
Hailing from Los Angeles the four piece, have created an album that is as rich as it is beautiful, packed full of slow burning melodies & soul-inspiring songs. Tapping into the same vein as Mercury Rev, Grandaddy, Coldplay & Doves whilst drawing inspiration from Neil Young, John Lennon & Brian Wilson, they present a glorious vision of West Coast pop that deals as much with gentle melancholy as wide-eyed wonder. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. 

Genre:Indie Rock

Condition:Used/NM (Import) OOP

NICK DRAKE - Family Tree
You'd think there wouldn't be much more to present by a songwriter who recorded three albums in his lifetime and has been dead since 1974. However, interest in Nick Drake's riveting music has grown enormously in the new millennium. Rarities were added to a number of posthumous collections, but with Family Tree his estate has brought forth an hour of music that predates his first album, Five Leaves Left. This set illuminates Drake's musical background, with his mother and sister appearing, and even Drake himself on clarinet for a Mozart trio. He covers traditional numbers as well as songs by Dylan, Blind Boy Fuller, and Jackson C. Frank. There are clear links to his own early compositions, including a couple early versions that appeared on his debut. Some of this has circulated on bootlegs over the years, but here assembled and sonically polished, it radiates with warmth. Recorded in casual circumstances, there are bits of chatter and laughter between songs, painting a picture of a happy, loving home scene.

Genre:70s Folk/Singer Songwriter

Condition:Used/M (Import

OASIS - Masterplan
A collection of B-sides, this 1998 album reached #2 U.K. and went on to sell 2 million copies.

Genre:Brit Rock


- Live at the Royal Albert Hall
One of the most revered and versatile live bands from the UK, The Cinematic Orchestra have toured the world, headlined festivals, and even performed a party for Stanley Kubrick. On November 2, 2007 they played at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London accompanied by the 24-piece Heritage Orchestra. This release highlights the best moments from the night, including songs from the band's most recent album "Ma Fleur", as well as favorites from previous albums. Featuring "To Build A Home", "Breathe", "All That You Give", "Flite", and more. Guest vocalists include Lou Rhodes, Grey Reverend, and Heidi Vogel.

Genre:Post Rock/Concept-Music/Jazz

Condition:Used/NM (Import Card Sleeve)

PEARL JAM - Vitalogy
Vitalogy reaffirms the Seattle quintet's status as the principled, proudly confused voice of a generation. On their third album, they've found their footing as a raw, forward-looking '90s rock act that fearlessly tackles the Biggest Questions. Lead track "Spin the Black Circle" celebrates the healing power of Eddie Vedder's LP collection, but it is overshadowed by such masterstrokes as "Immortality" (which can be read, right or wrong, as a reaction to Kurt Cobain's suicide), the Lennonesque "Tremor Christ" and a thrilling anthem for the pro-choice movement, "Whipping."

Genre:Grunge/Pop Rock

Condition:Used/VG (Import Digipak with booklet)

SIGUR ROS - Takk...
Takk is the fourth album from Sigur Ros. Written, performed and produced by the band (along with co-producer Ken Thomas) at their studio in Alafoss, Iceland, Takk is the record to justify every amazing claim ever laid at this exceptional band's door. Huge and intimate, orchestral and gossamer-light, rich layered and essentially simple, Takk is a work of a band operating at the very top of their game. It accomplishes what maybe they haven't done since they first appeared, which is to make the avant-garde appear to be straight ahead pop music, or, perhaps more accurately, invest pop music with a sense of magic long since lost in the mists of time and imagination.

Genre:Post Rock/Concept-Music/Icelandic

Condition:Sealed (Import Limited Edition)