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"Just another day of trouble i see, i know how y'all feel..talkin' bout draggin' them heavy legs up to the man, oh yeah… Now why don't ya kids take a step back and relax, call-in sick if you have to… and think about what ya missin'…What ya gonna feed your soul with?
God, but it does feel good to enjoy ya homemade breakfast special with ya favorite piece playin', spinnin' and sweetenin' up the moment".
I'ma tell ya, it'll hit your spot. Now go on and pick em'…

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THE FLAMING LIPS - The Soft Bulletin -OOP

With every truly good rock band, they hit their peak in a stunning, magnificent album that leaves people breathless.

For the Flaming Lips, that album is "The Soft Bulletin," their 1999 opus -- a trippy, epic, ingeniously strange collection compiled of only good songs, with a mind-bending epic quality that never lets up. It's enchanting, soft, bittersweet and undeniably sunny in its beauty -- a real experience.

It opens with a glorious Mellotron wave, which is deliberately just a little off, at the start of "Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)." "Two scientists were racing/For the good of all mankind/Both of them side by side/So determined," Wayne Coyne croons. With, of course, offbeat echoes and electronic wavers and whispers layered over the indierock melody. It's hard to find a given album that is entirely made out of excellent, listenable songs. There's usually at least one bad (or mediocre) apple -- including on most other Lips albums. "Soft Bulletin" has none. It has a unique kaleidoscope effect, with shimmering psychedelic music and hopeful, philosophical songwriting.  

"Soft Bulletin" is probably the best album the Flaming Lips have ever made -- musically rich, lyrically uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. A modern classic. 

Condition:Brand New/Opened seal wrap
Cover:M (Gatefold, Double 180g LP)
Vinyl Disc:M
Insert:Original paper sleeve
Label & Pressing:Warner Bros/USA