Rise and shine kids!

"Just another day of trouble i see, i know how y'all feel..talkin' bout draggin' them heavy legs up to the man, oh yeah… Now why don't ya kids take a step back and relax, call-in sick if you have to… and think about what ya missin'…What ya gonna feed your soul with?
God, but it does feel good to enjoy ya homemade breakfast special with ya favorite piece playin', spinnin' and sweetenin' up the moment".
I'ma tell ya, it'll hit your spot. Now go on and pick em'…


My turntable got stolen, Help me buy a new one?

Anyway after so many years, he finally collected enough life to start a little joint in the hood.

The Hobo begs luck from God, hoping for a better find than the need to fork-out every single dime for some great pieces, while a few good steals managed to make him smile for the day...

This little joint services people by stocking quality vinyl from the past 50 years as well as new releases and re-issues. CDs, Apparels and used Musical Instruments are also avaliable here. A reliable record finding service is also available.

Help me, Help you.